10 Scientific Facts about Zeppelins

Look at Scientific Facts about Zeppelins if you want to know a rigid airship. The development of this airship took place in the early 20th century pioneered by Ferdinand von Zeppelin. The name of the airship was taken from the name of the German Count. In 1874, the first formulated ideas of this airship were made by Zeppelin. In 1893, he developed the ideas specifically.

Scientific Facts about Zeppelins 1: the patents

In 1895, the rigid airships developed by von Zeppelin earned a patent. In 1899, they earned the patent from United States.

scientific facts about zeppelins
scientific facts about zeppelins

Scientific Facts about Zeppelins 2: the success of Zeppelins

The design of Zeppelins was very successful at that time. Then it was used as the common name to call all kinds of rigid airships.

Scientific Facts about Zeppelins 3: the first commercial flight

The first commercial flight of Zeppelins was conducted by the first airline in revenue service in the world called DELAG. It stands for Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-AG.

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zeppelins creator
zeppelins creator

Scientific Facts about Zeppelins 4: the number of passengers

DELAG had conducted at least 1,500 flights by the mid-1914. They had carried more than 10,000 passengers who had paid for the fare.

Scientific Facts about Zeppelins 5: the extensive usage of Zeppelins

The extensive usage of Zeppelins was spotted during Germany military campaign in the First World War. The airships were used to carry scouts and bombers. During the bombing raids in Britain, 500 people died.

Scientific Facts about Zeppelins 6: the airship business

The airship business was declined due to the lost of German in 1918. Treaty of Versailles also had a big impact on the production of airships as well as the service of DELAG for Germany was not prohibited to establish large airships.

Scientific Facts about Zeppelins 7: an exception

There was an exception made related to the production of Zeppelins. The US Navy got one airship constructed by the company in Germany.


Scientific Facts about Zeppelins 8: transatlantic flights

Transatlantic flights were made regular after the ban related to the construction of airship was lifted. Graf Zeppelin and the larger LZ 129 Hindenburg were used to carry the passengers to Brazil and North America from Germany in 1930s.

Scientific Facts about Zeppelins 9: the decline of Zeppelins

Zeppelins failed to develop due to the economic problems, political issues as well as the Hindenburg disasters in 1937.

zeppelins in ww1
zeppelins in ww1

Scientific Facts about Zeppelins 10: the unique feature

Zeppelins were different from the regular planes for they had the rigid metal framework covered with fabric.

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