10 Important Facts about Zaire

This list of important facts about Zaire will make you satisfied. Zaire is also known as the Congo Democratic Republic. The nation had suffered lots of conflicts back then. Still, it has other worthy information for you. Here we go.

Important Facts about Zaire 1: the Independence of Zaire

Zaire got its independence on 30 June 1960. It was one of the French colonies. The former name of this nation was Moyen Congo or Middle Congo. In 1966, President Mobutu decided to change it to Zaire.

Important Facts about Zaire 2: Geographic Condition in Zaire

The country is situated in the tropical region. There are mountains in the east part of the nation. In the low plateau, there is vast basin. The highest point is at 5,100 meters. It belongs to Mount Stanley. The other name is Mont Northgaliema.

important facts about Zaire
Zaire Map

Important Facts about Zaire 3: the Economy

Zaire is considered as a rich country. Even though it is potentially wealthy, there were times of economic issues. For instance, it was in 1998. The civil conflicts caused a significant decrease in the nation’s incomes. The other issues are inflation and corruption.

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Important Facts about Zaire 4: Natural Resources in Zaire

There are numerous types of minerals and natural resources in Zaire. These include diamonds, uranium, gold, copper, lumber, coal, and other valuable resources. With a proper management, the nation can be amazingly richer in the near future.

important facts about Zaire
Zaire National Flag

Important Facts about Zaire 5: Religion Diversity

The most dominant religion is Roman Catholic. The other presences of faiths are Islam, Protestants, Kimbanguist, and numerous indigenous sects or beliefs. Fortunately, the nation didn’t have any conflicts caused by such diversity.

Important Facts about Zaire 6: Ethnic Group in Zaire

As for ethnic groups, Zaire has more than 150 racial groups. In fact, it is almost more than 200 groups. Most of them are Bantu tribe. Another dominant race is Mangbetu-Azande. These people take a half of the Zaire population.

important facts about Zaire
Zaire Basin

Important Facts about Zaire 7: the Conflicts

The civil war caused severe internal conflicts. Both Rwanda and Uganda supported the rebels. There are also disputes in Great Lakes area. Fortunately, the United Nations was able to overcome this conflict.

Important Facts about Zaire 8: Plantations in Zaire

The nation has tons of plantations. Most of them produce coffee, palm oil, sugar, tea, corn, and much more. However, Zaire also buys some commodities from other nations. These include machinery equipment, fuels, processed foods, and fuels.

important facts about Zaire
Zaire Rainforest

Important Facts about Zaire 9: Indigenous Animals of Zaire

Zaire is famous for its gorillas and bonobos. They are considered as the great apes. In fact, these animals only live in Zaire. They are also the closest species to human. Though, they suffer some issues like deforestation, pollution, and illegal hunting.

Important Facts about Zaire 10: the Witchcraft

Local people believe in witchcraft. They often accuse children of being witches. Many of these kids got trampled and killed. Families also often abandon their kids due to the same reason.

important facts about Zaire
Zaire Bonobos

Democratic Republic of Congo or Zaire is indeed a potential nation. It has numerous resources and natural richness. It has suffered numerous conflicts, though. So, what do you think? Do you like these important facts about Zaire?

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