10 Fun Facts about Zeppoles

The following Fun Facts about Zeppoles will explain a notable Italian pastry. The size of this fritter or doughnut is varied but people mostly create the pastry with the diameter of 10 cm or 4 inches. The deep fried dough ball can be made in various level of consistency. It can be in pasta like, bread, puffy or even light consistency. Let us check other interesting facts about zeppoles below:

Fun Facts about Zeppoles 1: filling

Various fillings are available to make zeppoles more interesting. The people may put the mixture of honey and butter at its top or fill it with pastry cream, jelly or custard. The powdered sugar is often spread at the surface of zeppoles.


Fun Facts about Zeppoles 2: the Italian cuisine

Zeppoles are included as a type of Italian food. They are consumed mostly by the people who live in Naples and Rome. However, the communities of Italian-American, Italian-Canadians, Islanders of Malta, Sardinians and Sicily also love zeppoles.

Fun Facts about Zeppoles 3: the other names of zeppoles

Zeppoles have various names depending on the regions. Some people call them sfinge, St, Joseph’s Day cake, and bigne in Rome.

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zeppoles facts
zeppoles facts

Fun Facts about Zeppoles 4: Saint Joseph’s Day

During the celebration of Saint Joseph’s Day, the people will serve zeppoles. That is why the cuisine is also called as St. Joseph’s Day cake.  The holiday is annually celebrated on 19th of March. The people sell the cakes in many streets.

Fun Facts about Zeppoles 5: zeppoles in Croatia

Zeppoles are also recognized in Croatia where the local people call the cakes blenzi.  The coarse or powdered sugar is spotted on the top of the cake.

Fun Facts about Zeppoles 6: the unfilled zeppoles

The unfilled zeppoles are also popular in the market. The savory one is also served. The anchovy is used as the filling.

Fun Facts about Zeppoles 7: the mixture

The mixture of ricotta along with honey, candied fruit and chocolate is spotted as the filling of some zeppoles. People use the word crispellis to call those zeppoles in some regions in United States.

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zeppoles pic
zeppoles pic

Fun Facts about Zeppoles 8: the consumption of zeppoles

In many parts of the world, zeppoles are consumed during the holiday or important celebration. During the New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve, the sultana and anchovy variety of zeppoles are consumed in some regions of Calabria.

Fun Facts about Zeppoles 9: Sfinge

The term Sfinge is used to call the zeppoles, which consists of flour, sugar, ricotta, eggs, almond and vanilla.

fun facts about zeppoles
fun facts about zeppoles

Fun Facts about Zeppoles 10: the Lent fasting period

During the Lent fasting period, the people in Malta will like to eat anchovy zeppoles.

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