10 Fun Facts about Zambezi River

This is the list of fun facts about Zambezi River. Africa continent should be proud of this river. It also belongs to one of the longest rivers in the world. Not to mention it supports both the nations’ economy and ecosystem. Here are other facts about it.

Facts about Zambezi River 1: the Zambezi Sharks

Zambezi River is famous for its Bull Sharks. Local people call this majestic creature the Zambezi Sharks. The sharks come from the Indian Ocean to this river. The existence of Bull Sharks attracts many tourists over time.

Facts about Zambezi River 2: the Kuo Mboka Ritual

There is a unique ritual in Zambezi River. The name is Kuo Mboka. It is a traditional ceremony. Local people, who live near to the river banks, perform such ritual before they move to higher lands. The trigger is the flood during the rainy season.

fun facts about Zambezi River
Kuo Mboka in Zambezi River

Facts about Zambezi River 3: It Has no Good Means of Transport

Zambezi River flows through many nations. However, it doesn’t act as a transport medium. It’s because the river features some waterfalls. It seems hard to travel through the river. There is some short-sectioned transportation, though.

Facts about Zambezi River 4: One of the Longest Rivers of the Continent 

As mentioned earlier, Zambezi River is also the longest river in Africa. It’s the fourth longest river of the continent. The length reaches more than 2500 kilometers. It is said the source of the river is in the midst of Miombo woodlands.

fun facts about Zambezi River
Zambezi River Bull Shark

Facts about Zambezi River 5: Kariba Dam’s Source of Force

Zambezi River provides ample forces for the Kariba Dam. It is actually a hydroelectric dam. It requires a steady and powerful flow from the river. The dam has a significant role in Zambia’s economy and neighbor nations. It is used for various things like irrigation and electricity generator.

Facts about Zambezi River 6: the Nyami-Nyami Spirits

Indigenous people believe there are magical spirits of Zambezi River. They call them Nyami-Nyami. Not to mention they regularly make sacrifices to sooth these spirits. It’s to prevent flooding and other related disasters.

fun facts about Zambezi River
Zambezi River Nyami-Nyami

Facts about Zambezi River 7: the King of the East

The river is considered the longest flowing river, which flows to the east. It flows from the northwest of Zambia and it ends in the east part of the country. On the contrary, Nile River flows to the west.

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Facts about Zambezi River 8: Victoria Falls

Zambezi River features beautiful Victoria Falls. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Zambia. Most of the tourists want to enjoy an excellent adventure. The falls are the best spot for fishing, rafting, canoeing, etc.

fun facts about Zambezi River
Zambezi River from the Sky

Facts about Zambezi River 9: the Role of the River

The river plays a significant role in the ecosystem. People also call it the river of life. Zambians use it for fishing, farming, and much more. It seems the country depends on much on Zambezi River.

Facts about Zambezi River 10: A River of 6 Countries

The Zambezi passes through 6 nations. These include Zambia, Angola, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Namibia.

fun facts about Zambezi River
Victoria Falls in Zambezi River

The existence of Zambezi River has brought numerous benefits for Zambia. It also gives benefits to other 5 nations. Not only it becomes the source of life, it also becomes one of the best tourist attractions in Africa. These fun facts about Zambezi River will enhance your knowledge.

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