10 Facts about Zakat

Muslims need to know the facts about Zakat. In fact, all people do. Most of you recognize zakat as an act of giving. It is also recognized as one of the significant faiths in Islam. Well, you should know more about it. I hope you enjoy the list below.

Facts about Zakat 1: the Essence of Zakat

Zakat or Zakah is not only wealth redistribution between wealthy people and the poor. It is also an act of social. It helps build an interaction between the rich and the poor. The essence of Zakat is to improve tolerance and harmony.

Facts about Zakat 2:  the Nisab

There is a specific amount of money when it comes to Zakat. It was Muhammad the Prophet. He determined Nisab. Those with 20 Dinar has the responsibility to pay Zakat. It is the same amount as 200 Dirham.

facts about Zakat

Facts about Zakat 3: Nisab Controversy

There is a significant issue in Zakat. It is the difference of Nisab interpretation. Nisab is the amount of tax from Zakah. Most of the countries apply 2.5% in Zakat. However, there have been many debates regarding the amount of Nisab recently.

Facts about Zakat 4: the Procedure of Zakat

There is due process in Islam. It applies in Zakah, as well. One should be a Muslim and he must be mature. Next, there should be an intention to pay Zakat. It is different from Sadaqah, after all. He or she also needs to obey the Nisab.

Facts about Zakat 5: Varieties of Products

One can pay Zakat in either money or products. Gold and silver were common back then. Today, most Muslims pay Zakat in cash. Some of them also pay zakat of property, livestock, mineral resources, or farming products.

facts about Zakat
an Illustration of Zakat

Facts about Zakat 6: the Currency

Is Dirham is the only measurement for Nisab? Most nations use UAE Dirham as the major measurement. It’s because of the familiarities. However, Muslim nations in Asia use their own currency as Nisab measurement.

facts about Zakat
Zakat 2.5%

Facts about Zakat 7: One of Pillars in Islam

Zakat is one of Islam pillars. It is as important as Syahadat, Salat, Fasting, and Pilgrimage. It is one of the most important faiths in Islam. There is no reason not to pay Zakat, especially the rich ones.

Facts about Zakat 8: Zakat of Property

Those with a private property don’t need to pay Zakat for their building. That means residential buildings aren’t included in Zakah. On the other hand, commercial buildings should pay Zakat. It’s because those buildings generate income for the owners.

facts about Zakat
Zakat Grows

Facts about Zakat 9: Zakat of Agricultural Products

Farmers don’t need to pay Zakat for their agricultural products if these below 653 kilograms. If the production exceeds such number, they need to pay Zakah. The products include fruits and crops.

Facts about Zakat 10: Zakat of Livestock

Zakat in livestock is a little bit tricky. The amount depends on the type of animal. Those with 30 cows should give 1 cow as the payment of Zakat. For 40 goats, there should be 1 paid as Zakat.

Zakat Helps Others
Zakat Helps Others

Reading such information above gives you a better insight into Zakat. As mentioned earlier, Zakah is not a charity. It’s the act of harmony between the rich and the poor. The facts about Zakat are quite helpful, aren’t they?

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