10 Facts about Zac Efron

These facts about Zac Efron may amaze you. This handsome actor is not only good-looking, but he is also talented. Though, you don’t know several things about him. Here is the list of trivia about Zac Efron. I hope you like it.

Facts about Zac Efron 1: Voice Acting

Did you know Zac Efron was involved in some voice acting roles? It was during the Seth Green’s hit show. In the 2009 season, his voices were recorded in the episode. He voiced scorched Darth Vader.

Facts about Zac Efron 2: Tom Cruise’s Mentorship

Zac Efron learned how to ride a motorbike from a famous actor. It was Tom Cruise. Zac met Tom Cruise at a party. Both of them got along well. Later, Tom taught Zac how to ride a motorcycle.

Zac Efron's charm
Zac Efron’s charm

Facts about Zac Efron 3: Early TV Appearances

His first TV appearances were ER, Firefly, and the Guardian. However, he only took the guest parts in those programs. Due to his roles in Summerland, he got his first cast regular. He acted as Cameron Bale.

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Facts about Zac Efron 4: Pro Actor

Zac is definitely a professional actor. He prepared well before taking his role. For example, he learned how to be a DJ as a preparation for his role. It was for one of his TV appearances. His dedication to acting is reassuring.


Zac Efron Shirtless
Zac Efron Shirtless

Facts about Zac Efron 5: the Car Nerd

He does many things outside his acting. For instance, he likes to fix up cars. His grandfather gave him a convertible and Delorean. Zac repaired these vehicles with passion. He enjoyed this much.

Facts about Zac Efron 6: Simon Cowell’s Offer

There was the time when Simon Cowell offered him a record deal. Zac Efron is indeed a good singer. However, he turned down the offer and focused on acting. He said that acting became his main priority.

Young Zac Efron
Young Zac Efron

Facts about Zac Efron 7: the Goonies

Everyone has favorite movies. Zac isn’t an exception. The Goonies is his favorite movie. He didn’t say the reason. He just simply loves it.

Facts about Zac Efron 8: Musical Taste

Apart from movies, Zac Efron also has some favorite music and groups. Some of them are the Gorillaz, the Shins, John Mayer, and the Postal Service. It is a good musical taste, by the way.

Zac Efron and Friends
Zac Efron and Friends

Facts about Zac Efron 9: a Sports Maniac

He isn’t only a car nerd. When he’s not acting, he also enjoys some sports like surfing, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, golfing, and much more. It seems he is a sports maniac. He loves outdoor sports, actually.

Facts about Zac Efron 10: the Dad’s Encouragement

Thanks to his dad. Zac Efron got an encouragement to start acting from his beloved dad. This praise had led him to join some singing courses and high school plays. An encouragement from parents is indeed important, isn’t it?

Zac Efron in Suit
Zac Efron in Suit

Zac Efron is a talented and handsome actor. Still, there are many unrevealed things about him. The facts above are quite informative, especially for Zac’s fans. You enjoyed these interesting facts about Zac Efron, didn’t you?

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