10 Amazing Facts about Zero

Let me show you Amazing Facts about Zero in the below post.  Zero is included as a numerical digit and a number. Zero plays an important role in mathematics. The symbol of zero is 0. In English, 0 is called nil, naught, nought and zero. The latter one is the most common one in English to call 0. This number also has the slang or informal terms. You can call it aught, chiper, ought, zip or zilch.  Check other interesting facts about zero below:

Amazing Facts about Zero 1: the decimal system in Europe

The decimal system was recognized in Europe after it was introduced by Fibonacci. He was a mathematician from Italy. This man spent his childhood time in North Africa.

facts about zero
facts about zero

Amazing Facts about Zero 2: 0 in sport

Zero has different terms in sport. In cricket, 0 is called a duck, while love is used to call 0 in tennis. In football, zero is called nil.

Amazing Facts about Zero 3: Zero in physics

Many physical qualities are attributed to zero. The lowest possible energy is always associated with zero point energy in physics.

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amazing facts about zero
amazing facts about zero

Amazing Facts about Zero 4: counting

When you start counting number, the first number to speak is always one. The COBOL and Fortran were the examples of the early computer programming languages, which also applied the common practice.

Amazing Facts about Zero 5: the zero based numbering

The zero based numbering was applied in the end of 1950s in LISP.

Amazing Facts about Zero 6: Algol 58

The more sophisticated feature is spotted in Algol 58 for it allowed the users to apply zero integers, negative and positive numbers.

Amazing Facts about Zero 7: the ancient Egyptian numerals

The base 10 was applied in ancient Egyptian numerals. The symbol for zero appeared in the Egyptian texts in 1740 BC.

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Amazing Facts about Zero 8: Syntaxis Mathematica

Syntaxis Mathematica was the work of Ptolemy. People also recognized the work as the Almagest. It talked about the mathematical astronomy where Ptolemy applied the zero symbol depicted with a small circle with a long overbar in 130 AD. Hipparchus and the Babylonians influenced him to create the number.

Amazing Facts about Zero 9: the Lokavibhaga

The Lokavibhaga is a Jain text, which applied zero in decimal system. Zero was called sunya, which means empty or void.

zero facts
zero facts

Amazing Facts about Zero 10: the counting rods

The counting rods in China also featured zero. Zero is represented by the presence of empty space.

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