10 Amazing Facts about Zambia

You are going to love these amazing facts about Zambia. This nation is situated in Southern Africa. It is actually a secluded country. Zambia also has numerous types of animals and plants. What are the other important things to know?

Facts about Zambia 1: a Politically Stable Country

Do you know Zambia is quite peaceful? It didn’t even involve in conflicts and war. It was an amazing effort to avoid the war in Africa. In fact, its neighbors didn’t manage to prevent such kind of conflict. Also, Zambia has a good reputation for political strength.

Facts about Zambia 2: Edgar Lungu

The most famous president of Zambia is Edgar Lungu. He was the sixth leader of the nation. He was the replacement of Michael Sata. He even retained his position and gained a new term in 2016. Actually, Lungu was a lawyer.

amazing facts about Zambia
Zambia Map

Facts about Zambia 3: the Climate

Zambia is situated in Central Africa. The nation lies on the plateau that comes with a modest climate. Like its neighbors, Zambia has a tropical climate. Though, the climate is semi-arid throughout Zambezi valley and surrounding.

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Facts about Zambia 4: a Hidden Gem of Africa

Even though it is a noncoastal nation, Zambia has an excellent economic growth. In fact, it becomes one of the best copper producers in Africa. The country also relies much on their copper. It isn’t a good thing.

amazing facts about Zambia
Edgar Lungu of Zambia

Facts about Zambia 5: the Government

Zambia applies democratic republic political framework. It is also a presidential nation. That means the president has a role of a head of the government and state. Not to mention Zambia has a multi-party government system.

Facts about Zambia 6: the Media in Zambia

The country is famous for its state media. That means state-owned TV and radio dominate the nation’s media. However, some private TV stations also operate here. There are also several independent radio stations and newspapers.

amazing facts about Zambia
a Local Market in Zambia

Facts about Zambia 7: Zambia in the Past Time

In the past, Zambia was called Northern Rhodesia. The name changed after it claimed its independence in 1964. Etymologically, Zambia means the river Zambezi. It is the most famous river in this nation.

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Facts about Zambia 8: the Population

Zambia is considered as a populous country. It also has fast growing populations. This is a source of problems. The government worries about the Zambians’ welfare due to the high number of population. Most people in Zambia are poor.

amazing facts about Zambia
Hotsprings in Zambia

Facts about Zambia 9: Zambia’s Flora and Fauna

The nation is rich in animals and plants species. There are more than 12,000 species living in Zambia. These include plants, animals, microorganisms, and bacteria. The highest varieties of plants are located in the north part of the country.

Facts about Zambia 10: Ethnic Diversity

Zambia has more than 70 ethnic groups. Most of them speak Bantu language. Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, has almost all tribal groups. Various types of ethnic groups can also be found in big cities like Copperbelt.

amazing facts about Zambia
Lusaka Zambia

Zambia is surrounded by other nations. It is a landlocked country, after all. It’s amazing how Zambia managed to avoid conflicts in the past. Overall, these amazing facts about Zambia are worth to read, aren’t they?

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