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10 Amazing Facts about Zamzam Water

You will be astonished by amazing facts about Zamzam water. It is the name of a famous well in Mecca and it provides healthy water to nearby people. Zamzam water is quite related to Hajj pilgrimage and it has been drunk by tons of people. Read more below. Amazing Facts about Zamzam Water 1: the

10 Facts about Zakat

Muslims need to know the facts about Zakat. In fact, all people do. Most of you recognize zakat as an act of giving. It is also recognized as one of the significant faiths in Islam. Well, you should know more about it. I hope you enjoy the list below. Facts about Zakat 1: the Essence

10 Fun Facts about Zacchaeus

You are going to read fun facts about Zacchaeus. This person was famous back then. He was actually a chief tax collector. Most people recognize him as Jesus’s representation. What’s more? What kind of person is he? Facts about Zacchaeus 1: the Surname Zacchaeus’s surname was Matthias. It was given by the believers. This information