10 Facts about Zanzibar

It is fun to read facts about Zanzibar. Not all of you know how beautiful this archipelago country is. Actually, it belongs to the Tanzania Republic. Still, it is about 20 miles from the mainland. Here are some interesting facts about it. Facts about Zanzibar 1: the Meaning of Zanzibar Zanzibar comes from Zangibar language.

10 Amazing Facts about Zamzam Water

You will be astonished by amazing facts about Zamzam water. It is the name of a famous well in Mecca and it provides healthy water to nearby people. Zamzam water is quite related to Hajj pilgrimage and it has been drunk by tons of people. Read more below. Amazing Facts about Zamzam Water 1: the

10 Fun Facts about Zambezi River

This is the list of fun facts about Zambezi River. Africa continent should be proud of this river. It also belongs to one of the longest rivers in the world. Not to mention it supports both the nations’ economy and ecosystem. Here are other facts about it. Facts about Zambezi River 1: the Zambezi Sharks

10 Amazing Facts about Zambia

You are going to love these amazing facts about Zambia. This nation is situated in Southern Africa. It is actually a secluded country. Zambia also has numerous types of animals and plants. What are the other important things to know? Facts about Zambia 1: a Politically Stable Country Do you know Zambia is quite peaceful?

10 Facts about Zakat

Muslims need to know the facts about Zakat. In fact, all people do. Most of you recognize zakat as an act of giving. It is also recognized as one of the significant faiths in Islam. Well, you should know more about it. I hope you enjoy the list below. Facts about Zakat 1: the Essence

10 Important Facts about Zaire

This list of important facts about Zaire will make you satisfied. Zaire is also known as the Congo Democratic Republic. The nation had suffered lots of conflicts back then. Still, it has other worthy information for you. Here we go. Important Facts about Zaire 1: the Independence of Zaire Zaire got its independence on 30

10 Fun Facts about Zagreb

Have you heard some fun facts about Zagreb? It is actually the biggest city in Croatia. In fact, it is the capital of this nation. Zagreb is a metropolitan region. Due to its size, it is the most populous city in Croatia. There are other important things to know, though. Fun Facts about Zagreb 1:

10 Facts about Zack Morris

Learning the facts about Zack Morris is fun. Almost all kids watched Saved by the Bell during childhood. Zack indeed was a famous fictional character back then. He was famous for his role as an amoral and creepy boy in such program. Here are some facts about him. Facts about Zack Morris 1: the Charmer

10 Facts about Zachary Taylor Presidency

The facts about Zachary Taylor presidency will blow your mind. This man only had a year to rule the United States. He was also one of the heroes of the country. His presidency came from his vague political ideology and military leadership. What about the other facts? Facts about Zachary Taylor Presidency 1: the Inauguration

10 Important Facts about Zachary Taylor

These are some important facts about Zachary Taylor. This man has become the part of the US’s history. People recognize him as one of the United States presidents. However, you should know more about this man. Here we go. Facts about Zachary Taylor 1: His Army Career Before serving as the 12th president of the