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10 Facts about Zanzibar

It is fun to read facts about Zanzibar. Not all of you know how beautiful this archipelago country is. Actually, it belongs to the Tanzania Republic. Still, it is about 20 miles from the mainland. Here are some interesting facts about it. Facts about Zanzibar 1: the Meaning of Zanzibar Zanzibar comes from Zangibar language.

10 Amazing Facts about Zambia

You are going to love these amazing facts about Zambia. This nation is situated in Southern Africa. It is actually a secluded country. Zambia also has numerous types of animals and plants. What are the other important things to know? Facts about Zambia 1: a Politically Stable Country Do you know Zambia is quite peaceful?

10 Important Facts about Zaire

This list of important facts about Zaire will make you satisfied. Zaire is also known as the Congo Democratic Republic. The nation had suffered lots of conflicts back then. Still, it has other worthy information for you. Here we go. Important Facts about Zaire 1: the Independence of Zaire Zaire got its independence on 30