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10 Fun Facts about Zebra Finches

The following post below will explain Fun Facts about zebra finches. The former biological name of the animal is Poephila guttata. Today, it is called Taeniopygia guttata. They do not like to live in damp and moist regions. The people who live in Central Australia can spot zebra finches easily. The birds are native to

10 Important Facts about Zebra Mussels

The small freshwater mussel is explained on Important Facts about Zebra Mussels. Peter Simon Pallas was a zoologist from Germany who created the first description of zebra’s mussel that he discovered in Dnieper, Volga and Ural rivers in 1769. The origin of the species is traced back in the lakes located in southern Russia. The

10 Amazing Facts about Zebras

Amazing Facts about Zebras will tell the readers about unique animals, which feature the black and white stripes. Do you know that each zebra in the world has special striped coat? There will be no identical zebras with the same striped coat. The pattern is distinctive. Zebra is included in the horse family. They can