10 Important Facts about Zachary Taylor

These are some important facts about Zachary Taylor. This man has become the part of the US’s history. People recognize him as one of the United States presidents. However, you should know more about this man. Here we go.

Facts about Zachary Taylor 1: His Army Career

Before serving as the 12th president of the US, Zachary Taylor was an officer in the army. He climbed well to the level of major general. He was also considered as a national hero. He won the war between the United States and Mexico.

Facts about Zachary Taylor 2: Early Life of Zachary Taylor

He was born in Virginia. His parents were planters. His father was Richard Taylor and the name of his mother was Sarah Dabney. His old man was actually a lieutenant colonel during the revolution of America.

a Sketch of Zachary Taylor
a Sketch of Zachary Taylor

Facts about Zachary Taylor 3: the Marriage

He fell in love with Margaret Mackall Smith. He met her in Louisville. Their marriage was in 1810. His wife was also called Peggy. She came from a family of planters in Maryland. Her father was also a revolutionary army. Zachary and Peggy were blessed with 6 children.

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Facts about Zachary Taylor 4: His Leadership

He was an outstanding general. The other generals were poorly trained. It’s because they were appointed by politics. Zachary Taylor had proven his worthiness as a great strategist. His rebellious and tactlessness characteristics led him to be a solid general.

General Zachary Taylor
General Zachary Taylor

Facts about Zachary Taylor 5: the War of 1812

The United States went into a war against the British Empire. Zachary Taylor was able to defend Fort Harrison. He got recognition from it. The attack from the Indian was fierce. Fortunately, Zachary was able to send them away.

Facts about Zachary Taylor 6: the War against Mexico

Zachary Taylor was sent to Fort Jesup. His task was to guard this fort against the possible attacks by Mexico. Before the big war against Mexico, he was sent to numerous territories. This gave him more experiences in the field.

Zachary Taylor in a War
Zachary Taylor in a War

Facts about Zachary Taylor 7: the Vision as a President

He had a great reputation as an officer. It gave him an opportunity to be the next president of the United States. He opposed the expansion of slavery and he was a nationalist. He wanted to resolve as many national problems as possible.

Facts about Zachary Taylor 8: the Presidency

Zachary Taylor became a president in 1849. Though, he spent much time to create his cabinet selections. Due to his deliberation, his fellow Whigs were inpatient. He ended his presidency in 1850.

Zachary Taylor and His Wife
Zachary Taylor and His Wife

Facts about Zachary Taylor 9: Poor Diplomatic Experience

He lacked diplomatic skills. The country didn’t have satisfying improvements in foreign affairs. In fact, he didn’t have a major contribution to the Far East. It was different from the previous administrations.

Facts about Zachary Taylor 10: the Death of Zachary Taylor

He had a digestive issue after drinking iced milk with raw fruit. The doctor diagnosed it as cholera morbus. Later, it became an epidemic after the death of this man. Many people talked a lot about the cause of his death. It has become a historical subject.

Zachary Taylor's Cemetery
Zachary Taylor’s Cemetery

Zachary Taylor had a significant contribution to the US-Mexico war. His leadership and recognition made him a president. Those important facts about Zachary Taylor are indeed useful. Am I right?

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