10 Fun Facts about Zebra Finches

The following post below will explain Fun Facts about zebra finches. The former biological name of the animal is Poephila guttata. Today, it is called Taeniopygia guttata. They do not like to live in damp and moist regions. The people who live in Central Australia can spot zebra finches easily. The birds are native to East Timor and Indonesia. You can also spot them in United States, Brazil, Portugal and Puerto Rico after the birds are introduced in those areas. Let us find out other useful facts about zebra finches.

Fun Facts about Zebra Finches 1: where to find zebra finches?

Zebra finches like to live nearby the body of water inside the forests and grasslands.  You can also find them living in open steppes. The human interruption on the forests is not a big deal for zebra finches. They can enjoy its benefit by living on the patches of dry land of the forest.

zebra finches
zebra finches

Fun Facts about Zebra Finches 2: who loves zebra finches?

It seems that zebra finches are popular among people. The pet owners and hobbyists like to have zebra finches due to the exclusive variants.

Fun Facts about Zebra Finches 3: the breeding season

It is not easy to predict the exact breeding season of zebra finches. However, most of them breed after the heavy rain season.

zebra finches colors
zebra finches colors

Fun Facts about Zebra Finches 4: the captivity

The breeding time for the wild zebra finches can occur any time in a year. It depends on the condition of their nesting habit.  The breeding activity may occur all years around if the zebra finches are kept in captivity.

Fun Facts about Zebra Finches 5: where to find the nest?

Do you know where to find the nest of zebra finches? They can be discovered in rabbit burrows, low trees, cavities, on the ground, scrubs, human structures, cracks, logs and termite hills.

Fun Facts about Zebra Finches 6: the function of brood nest

The brood nest will be made by zebra finches as a place to sleep if the breeding season has not come.

Fun Facts about Zebra Finches 7: the life span

There are several factors affecting the life span of zebra finches, which include the environments and genes.

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zebra finches pictures
zebra finches pictures

Fun Facts about Zebra Finches 8: the bird in captivity

The birds in captivity may life around five to nine years. However, in some cases, they can live from 12 to 15 years.

Fun Facts about Zebra Finches 9: the wild zebra finches

The zebra finches in natural environment can only live around 5 years.

fun facts about zebra finches
fun facts about zebra finches

Fun Facts about Zebra Finches 10: the threat

The scarce of foods and the predation by cats are considered as the primary threat of zebra finches.

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