10 Fun Facts about Zagreb

Have you heard some fun facts about Zagreb? It is actually the biggest city in Croatia. In fact, it is the capital of this nation. Zagreb is a metropolitan region. Due to its size, it is the most populous city in Croatia. There are other important things to know, though.

Fun Facts about Zagreb 1: Zagreb in the Old Times

Zagreb was actually the economic center of the nation. It was during the early period of Yugoslavia. After the independence of Croatia Republic, Zagreb became its capital. Also, there is Scitarjevo. It is the oldest settlement in Zagreb. It was actually a Roman town.

Fun Facts about Zagreb 2: the Origin of the Name

The name was first recognized in 1134. It was in a document relating to the Zagreb district creation. Still, there are no data regarding the origins of the name of this town. In Croatian language, Zagreb means “to scoop”.

Zagreb Map
Zagreb Map

Fun Facts about Zagreb 3: the Development of Zagreb

Zagreb has an interesting history. It was during the reign of King Ladislaus. He was the King of Hungary. At the first time, the Ladislaus enacted two areas, Kaptol and Gradec. Local people also built some churches and forts during 19th centuries.

Fun Facts about Zagreb 4: the City of Dragons

Zagreb is famous for its reptiles. In fact, people believed it was the home of dragons. Many medieval statues of dragons and reptiles can be found in here. The rumor has it. There’s a cursed snake queen in the mountain fortress.

Fun Facts about Zagreb 5: the Museum of Failed Relationships

a Medieval Statue in Zagreb
a Medieval Statue in Zagreb

There is a distinct museum in Zagreb. The name is Broken Relationship museum. As the name suggests, it is the place for any types of relationship mementos. Even though it is quite strange, it becomes an interesting attraction in Zagreb.

Fun Facts about Zagreb 6: the Dolac Market

Zagreb owns a famous eating location. It is the Dolac Market. It becomes the best place to eat Croation cuisines. People even call it as the belly of Zagreb. The most famous treat is Paprenjak. It is actually a local aromatic biscuit.

Museum of Broken Relationship Zagreb
Museum of Broken Relationship Zagreb

Fun Facts about Zagreb 7: the Climate

The town has an oceanic climate. It’s perfect for tourists. Zagreb owns both winter and summer. The temperatures are regular. That means the summers aren’t too hot and the winters aren’t too cold. It’s a comfortable city.

Fun Facts about Zagreb 8: Cats are everywhere

Like other cities in Croatia, Zagreb is also famous for its cats. You can find this furry creature everywhere. They are cute and lazy.

Twilight in Zagreb
Twilight in Zagreb

Fun Facts about Zagreb 9: the Mirogoj

There is a majestic architectural gem in Zagreb. It is Mirogoj. The structure is covered by green cupolas. It also becomes the home of history and religion. At November 1, there is a special event. It is called All Souls’

Fun Facts about Zagreb 10: Public Transportation in Zagreb

Do you know that Zagreb has the safest public transportation system? In fact, the town has a flawless record of transportation safety in more than 100 years. The city should be proud of their funicular system.

Funicular System in Zagreb
Funicular System in Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. It has many interesting things to explore. I believe you are interested in going to Zagreb someday. Before you visit this city, you should read these fun facts about Zagreb.

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