10 Fun Facts about Zacchaeus

You are going to read fun facts about Zacchaeus. This person was famous back then. He was actually a chief tax collector. Most people recognize him as Jesus’s representation. What’s more? What kind of person is he?

Facts about Zacchaeus 1: the Surname

Zacchaeus’s surname was Matthias. It was given by the believers. This information was written in Clement’s book, Stromata. Zacchaeus also became the replacement of Judas after the rise of Jesus. Zacchaeus was also considered as the first Caesarea bishop.

Facts about Zacchaeus 2: the Liturgy

Some churches often practice the Zacchaeus’s Gospel on the last Sunday. It was done as the ritual preparation for Great Lent. People recognize this event as the Zacchaeus Sunday. It becomes the opening of Lenten season due to Zacchaeus’s subsequent remorse.

a Sketch of Zacchaeus
a Sketch of Zacchaeus

Facts about Zacchaeus 3: the Lessons

Many people use the story of Zacchaeus to teach the purity of heart. It is one of the methods to get blessed by the God. It also teaches the charity. Zacchaeus was a rich man, but he always helped poor people with his money.

Facts about Zacchaeus 4: Zacchaeus is Selfless

Zacchaeus is a selfless man. Back then, he was only thinking of getting money. Later, he started to forget about himself and taught more about the poor. He gave half of his possession to the unfortunate people.

Facts about Zacchaeus 5: a Good Man vs. a Bad Man

Zacchaeus was recognized as a good man. However, he was a tax collector. People and the Jews used to detest tax collectors. They considered them as a pro cheat. Zacchaeus was included. In fact, most people offend tax collectors back then.

Facts about Zacchaeus 6: the Office

He worked in a tax booth or office. It was located near to a city port. As the name suggests, he had a primary task to collect the customs tax. There were also various tax districts. Zacchaeus worked in Jericho.

Zacchaeus on a Tree
Zacchaeus on a Tree

Facts about Zacchaeus 7: He was the Chief

Zacchaeus was the leader of tax collecting. He was the chief. Other tax collectors worked under him. Due to jealousy, he was hated by people who work under him. Not to mention there is the Jewish society. They despised Zacchaeus so much.

Facts about Zacchaeus 8: the Rich Guy

He was recognized as a rich man. It’s because he was a clever and ambitious person. Not to mention he was dependable and disciplined. These traits helped him climbed to the highest position of his career.

Facts about Zacchaeus 9: He was small in Stature

Zacchaeus couldn’t see Jesus. It was because he was too small. This became a problem for him. The most disappointing thing was the small opportunities to meet Jesus. Despite this weakness, he was able to be the chief of the tax collector.

Facts about Zacchaeus 10: Zacchaeus Met Jesus

Zacchaeus met Jesus in the journey to Jerusalem. People started badmouthing when Jesus wanted to stay in Zacchaeus’s house. It’s because people considered Zacchaeus as a sinner.

Zacchaeus in a Short Movie
Zacchaeus in a Short Movie

So, Zacchaeus can be considered either as a good or bad man. Despite this issue, you can learn many things from his story. He was a great guy, after all. I hope you enjoy those fun facts about Zacchaeus.

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