10 Facts about Zanzibar

It is fun to read facts about Zanzibar. Not all of you know how beautiful this archipelago country is. Actually, it belongs to the Tanzania Republic. Still, it is about 20 miles from the mainland. Here are some interesting facts about it.

Facts about Zanzibar 1: the Meaning of Zanzibar

Zanzibar comes from Zangibar language. It is derived from “Zangi” and “Bar”. The meaning is the coast of the blacks. No one knows why it is called that way. Zanzibar is actually a semi-autonomous country in Tanzania.

Facts about Zanzibar 2: the Climate

Like other parts of Africa, Zanzibar has a warm climate. It is because the country lies near to the equator. During summer, the heat isn’t quite troublesome. The breezes of the sea reduce the summer heat. Thus, Zanzibar becomes an ideal destination for tourists.

Zanzibar Archipelago
Zanzibar Archipelago

Facts about Zanzibar 3: the Influence of Arab

The most dominant religion in Zanzibar is Islam. It’s because the country has been influenced by Arab. You can find some traces of Islam in Kizimkazi Mosque. It is situated on Unguja Island. In fact, this mosque is the most antique Islamic building in Zanzibar.

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Facts about Zanzibar 4: Freddy Mercury

Many famous people were born here. For instance, there is Freedy Mercury. He came from Stone Town. He spent his childhood in Zanzibar. He left the country when he reached he was a teenager.

Flag of Zanzibar
Flag of Zanzibar

Facts about Zanzibar 5: the Red Colobus Monkey

In Unguja Island, a part of Zanzibar, there is a famous animal. The name is red colobus monkey. However, it becomes an endangered species and the number decreases over time. Today, there are no more than 3,100 individuals left.

Facts about Zanzibar 6: Zanzibar the Archipelago

Zanzibar is an archipelago country. That means there is more than one island. There are two major islands, Pemba and Unguja. Still, there are also some minor islands nearby. No wonder, tourists can have a satisfying holiday in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Location
Zanzibar Location

Facts about Zanzibar 7: the First Color Television

According to history, Zanzibar became the first region in Africa to use color television. Unfortunately, the president opposed the services of television back then. This medium wasn’t familiarized until 1994.

Facts about Zanzibar 8: the ZIFF

Zanzibar has a famous event. The name is Zanzibar International Film Festival or ZIFF. It is considered as the biggest cultural event in Tanzania. There are international juries and more than 10 international awards.

The old castle in Zanzibar
The old castle in Zanzibar

Facts about Zanzibar 9: the Island of Spices

Zanzibar is famous for tourism. However, many people also recognize it as the spices island. There are numerous productions of spices including black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, and much more.

Facts about Zanzibar 10: Abdulrazak Gurnah

A famous novelist, Abdulrazak Gurnah, also lived here. He moved to the United Kingdom due to his career as a teacher at Kent University. His most recent work is Desertion.

Zanzibar during the early 20th
Zanzibar during the early 20th

Zanzibar archipelago is famous for its loveliness. It has numerous attractions for tourists. Not to mention many well-known people were born here. These facts about Zanzibar are quite useful, aren’t they?

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