10 Facts about Zack Morris

Learning the facts about Zack Morris is fun. Almost all kids watched Saved by the Bell during childhood. Zack indeed was a famous fictional character back then. He was famous for his role as an amoral and creepy boy in such program. Here are some facts about him.

Facts about Zack Morris 1: the Charmer

Zachary Morris was known as the lead protagonist in Saved by the Bell series. He was actually recognized as a women’s man. He was quite charming. Not to mention he was able to win many women’s heart at Bayside.

Facts about Zack Morris 2: the Gambler

In the series, Zack Morris was a passionate bettor. He also often made some bets with Slater. The students from rival school also became his partner in gambling. Zack gambled almost on everything. These included chess, sports, the future, etc.

facts about Zack Morris
Young Zack Morris

Facts about Zack Morris 3: Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Mark-Paul Gosselaar was an actor behind this character. His acting was considered as a success. Not only he appeared in the series, but he also took the role in some TV movies. It’s actually the spin-off series.

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Facts about Zack Morris 4: the Smooth Talker

Zack Morris indeed had a good-looking appearance. However, he also had another way to attract girls. He was a smooth talker. He didn’t hesitate to use subliminal messages to brainwash tons of girls at Bayside.

facts about Zack Morris
Zack Morriss Kissing Scene

Facts about Zack Morris 5: His Teen Years

During his teen years, Zack Morris showed his talent in a business. Still, he almost failed in most subjects like literature and history. It was due to his lack of interest. He also had a quality for a leader. He even defeated Jessie in the student president election.

Facts about Zack Morris 6: the Native American

He found out that he was related to Native American. Due to this reason, he gave lots of respect to his mentor, who was also a Native American.

facts about Zack Morris
Zack Morris Smiling

Facts about Zack Morris 7: the Extracurricular

Zack was a sports addict. He participated in some extracurricular activities like track and basketball. In fact, he was one of the best basketball players in Bayside. His team even was disappointed when Zack’s knee was injured before a big match.

Facts about Zack Morris 8: Zack Took Part-Time Jobs

Zack Morris wasn’t likely to hold any jobs during high school. Though, he once worked at a club during summer with his friends. He also took a part-time job at a hotel. During college, he worked at a cafeteria.

facts about Zack Morris
Shirtless Zack Morris

Facts about Zack Morris 9: the Jealousy and Lie

He told his friend that he had a rare disease. He could only recover by leaving everyone and giving up his passion. Zack Morris also once got jealous of his close friend’s athletic ability. He was a competitive character.

Facts about Zack Morris 10: the Dreams

Zack Morris has some wild dreams. He wanted to create a band with his close friends. He wanted to get famous worldwide. However, his true intention was to eradicate their friends’ careers and became a solo male celebrity.

facts about Zack Morris
the Actor of Zack Morris

Just because Zack Morris is a fictional character, doesn’t mean he is abandoned. Many people become a fan of him. Therefore, these facts about Zack Morris can be good information for them.

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