10 Amazing Facts about Zebras

Amazing Facts about Zebras will tell the readers about unique animals, which feature the black and white stripes. Do you know that each zebra in the world has special striped coat? There will be no identical zebras with the same striped coat. The pattern is distinctive. Zebra is included in the horse family. They can be found living with small, medium or even large herds. Most of them are social animals, which live in a group. Let us find out other interesting facts about zebra below.

Amazing Facts about Zebras 1: the domestication

Zebra is partially domesticated. It receives different status among the human being. Even though zebra has close relationship with donkeys and horses, the latter two ones have been fully domesticated.

zebra pictures
zebra pictures

Amazing Facts about Zebras 2: the species of Zebra

The mountain zebra, the Grevy’s zebra and the plains zebra are the three species of Zebra.

Amazing Facts about Zebras 3: the physical appearance.

The horse like appearance is spotted on the mountain zebra and plain zebra. The Grévy’s zebra reminds the people with the appearance of a donkey.

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zebras facts
zebras facts

Amazing Facts about Zebras 4: the unique stripes

When people see an animal with black and white stripes, they will directly identify it as zebra. There is no need to wonder that zebra is one of the most recognizable animals in the world.

Amazing Facts about Zebras 5: the place of living

If you are interested to spot zebra, you need to explore the coastal hills, mountains, thorny shrubs lands, woodlands, savannahs and grasslands.

Amazing Facts about Zebras 6: the endangered animals

The mountain zebras and Grevy’s zebras receive the status as endangered animals due to the habitat destruction as well as the skin hunting.

Amazing Facts about Zebras 7: the plentiful population of plain zebra

There are many populations of plain zebra in the world. However, the extinction of the quagga, one subspecies of plain zebras, took place in nineteenth century.

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Amazing Facts about Zebras 8: the weight of zebras

The female is smaller than the male zebras.  The weight is 770 lb or 350 kilogram on average. The mountain zebras have smaller weight, while the heavier weight is on Grevy’s Zebra.

Amazing Facts about Zebras 9: the length

The length of plain zebra is measured at 6.6 to 8.5 feet for the body. The tail is 20 inches.

amazing facts about zebras
amazing facts about zebras

Amazing Facts about Zebras 10: the colors

The black color is seen as the background, while additions are the white bellies and stripes.

Are you impressed after reading facts about zebras?

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