10 Amazing Facts about Zamzam Water

You will be astonished by amazing facts about Zamzam water. It is the name of a famous well in Mecca and it provides healthy water to nearby people. Zamzam water is quite related to Hajj pilgrimage and it has been drunk by tons of people. Read more below.

Amazing Facts about Zamzam Water 1: the Other Names

Do you know Zamzam water has other common names? Some people also call it Shabba’a, Maimoona, and Murwiya. The name also came from Siti Hajar’s words “Tazummumi Zummi Zummi”. It means “to gather”.

Amazing Facts about Zamzam Water 2: the Purest Water

Zamzam water is recognized as the purest among other minerals. In fact, it beats numerous mineral water companies. Zamzam contains more bicarbonates than other minerals. It is said around 366 mg. Many people also claim it as the cleanest water on the planet.

amazing facts about Zamzam water
Zamzam Well

Amazing Facts about Zamzam Water 3: Origin of Zamzam

There are closed pores on the Mecca rock. It is a miracle as the fresh water flows endlessly from it. The fact is that water can only flow on rocks with open pores. Due to this reason, scientists call Zamzam water as a holy mineral.

Amazing Facts about Zamzam Water 4: the Rejoice Effect

Zamzam water has astonishing health benefits. One of them is the replenishing effect. You can take lots of benefits from this water. Dr. Knut, a German scientist, said the human cells energy improves after drinking it.

Amazing Facts about Zamzam Water 5: the Healthiest Water

It is wise to say Zamzam water is the healthiest mineral in the world. It is also the cleanest. It has been flowing for the past thousands of years. Some investigations have been done. As for the result, there are no impurities or chemicals found in the water.

Amazing Facts about Zamzam Water 6: Fasting by Zamzam

Lots of people use Zamzam water for fasting. In fact, it has become a religious routine. Muslims perform Zamzam fasting to find both peace and better health. It helps them to detox the body, obtain more energy, and improve hemoglobin levels.

amazing facts about Zamzam water
Old Zamzam Well

Amazing Facts about Zamzam Water 7: the Healing Water

Zamzam water has an amazing healing power. It is because the water has abundant magnesium salts, calcium, and numerous natural fluids. All of these nutrients are useful for health. The water can heal almost all diseases.

Amazing Facts about Zamzam Water 8: Zamzam and the Pilgrims

Pilgrims never miss the opportunity to drink Zamzam water during Umra and Hajj. The water is able to replenish their energy and satisfy their thirst. Many of them also bring back the water for their friends and families.

Amazing Facts about Zamzam Water 9: Multipurpose Water

Zamzam water is quite flexible. You can drink it for either retaining or improving health condition. Some people consider it as healing water. Still, the others don’t believe in such miracle.

Amazing Facts about Zamzam Water 10: the Source

The original source of Zamzam water remains unknown. No one knows exactly from where the water had come. A Sunnah of Islam says it happened due to the blow of Jibrae’el A.S. The well of Zamzam water occurred then.

amazing facts about Zamzam water
a Man Drinking Zamzam

So, what do you think? Zamzam can be considered as holy water. It has numerous benefits for health, too. All Muslims recognize the value of Zamzam. Today, many scientists are trying to figure out more about it. I hope you enjoy reading those amazing facts about Zamzam.

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